Hi Everyone, 

Real Estate is affecting us in an interesting way so far. Mainly how we conduct business. It is too early to see how the COVID-19 virus will affect the market in the long term. One thing is for sure is that people still need homes. 

Ask yourself this simple question:

Is it critical I move right now?

If the answer is YES, I will help you make it as safe as possible.

If the answer is NO, I suggest staying in your current home right now may be a safer decision. 

Circumstances are often out of our control. If you must buy or sell a home here are a few steps that my family and I are taking: 

Listening to government & health authority instructions and strictly abiding or surpassing them.

Educating myself on the ever changing topic of the COVID-19 virus/pandemic.

NOT hosting Open Houses until further notice. 

Working home full-time. 

Encourage Buyers to do a "drive-by" prior to booking a viewing. 

Ensuring there is a hand washing area at property. 

Removing paper towels used from Seller's home.

touching of surfaces during viewing. 

Monitoring my own health and qualifying clients on recommendation by health authority. 

following all showing guidelines set by the real estate council during cover-19

I am proud of all the work that our health care workers, truck drivers, supermarket employees, food industry workers,  different level of governments and many others are doing.


 I recognize it will be financially difficult for many sectors including arts and entertainment, retail, bars, events organizers, for anyone who can't work from home and small businesses. Many jobs have already been lost. My heart goes out to you all. 


Something I learned and use often: even though those are serious times for our community, careful preparedness, stress and worries are all normal parts of the process. We all get affected differently. If you are low on supplies, fully quarantined and need help, or simply need someone to talk to, don't be shy to reach out. I'll do anything I can to help. 


Call Text or email if you have any questions 250-317-4599 or tyler@tylerzeeman.com